San Gabriel Mission Elementary School

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My Mission Is

Hello Friends and Families of Mission Elementary:
My name is Anais and this year I have been part of Mission 4 Mission. Mission4Mission is a club that started two years ago by an alumnus named Derrick Rapista.  He believed that a club like Mission4Mission would benefit the junior high students of our school.  Mission 4 Mission's goal is to help our Spartan students get into the high school of their dreams.
Mission4Mission is a weekly class from 9 am-12:30 pm. We do HSPT (high school placement test) to help us know test-taking strategies and we learn mathematics, language, reading, etc. Our mentors are all Mission alumni. They give their time to give back to the school where they spent their elementary school years.
I love Mission 4 Mission. The HSPT exam is very difficult and it has a lot of parts. At Mission Elementary, I feel like it has changed me. I feel like stronger, more cultivated, and a harder working individual. Mission 4 Mission is something I would love to do as I enter my own high school years. I want to be just like the mentors: "Giving to the school, as the school gave me."