San Gabriel Mission Elementary School

Our current Student Learning Expectation: A graduate of SGMES is a young person who is a lifelong learner and thinks critically and creatively.

Tuition & Fee Information

Thank you for your interest in San Gabriel Mission Elementary.  We believe that our program meets the needs of the whole child - spiritual, intellectual, psychological, social and physical.  Below you will find our current tuition and fee schedule; if you have any questions, feel free to contact our School Office at (626) 281-2454.

2019-20 Tuition & Fees Schedule

OPTION 1                                                                                              OPTION 2

Tuition $5,550.00 Tuition $6,500.00
-  Fundraising (2) - Fall & Spring $240.00 ea.    -  No Fundraising  
-  Parent Service Hours 40 hours per family    -  No Parent Service Hours  


Mandatory Fees & Requirements

Registration/General/Book Fee                                                 $400 per child (non-refundable) ($350 if paid by April 15)

Fundraising (Fall Fundraiser & Spring Fundraiser)                   $480 per family

40 Service Hours per Family