Student Learning Expectations

San Gabriel Mission Elementary School

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A graduate of San Gabriel Mission Elementary School, rooted in the Dominican Charism, is:

A young person who lives a life of PRAYER:

  1. practices the faith with joy
  2. lives the Dominican motto of Veritas by seeking Truth and making moral choices
  3. honors the call of Saint Dominic "to praise, to bless, and to preach"
  4. has a personal relationship with God and praises Him through various forms of worship

A young person who commits to growing in WISDOM:

  1. is a lifelong learner who thinks critically and creatively
  2. possesses confidence and curiosity to explore and discover the world around her or him
  3. uses technology constructively
  4. communicates effectively through written and oral language

A young person who is willing to live in SERVICE of others:

  1. uses her or his gifts and talents to meet the needs of others
  2. serves the church with a joyful heart
  3. strives to be an instrument of peace and respects all of God’s creations
  4. appreciates the joy of giving rather than receiving

A young person who finds value in living in COMMUNITY:


  1. respects diversity and seeks to foster positive relationships
  2. makes decisions to better the community by giving a voice to those in need according to Catholic social teachings
  3. respects and celebrates the traditions of the school as well as the community
  4. lives out a commitment to leave the world a better place for future generations