San Gabriel Mission Elementary School

Our current Student Learning Expectation: A graduate of SGMES is a young person who is a lifelong learner and thinks critically and creatively.
Summer School » 4th - 5th Grade

4th - 5th Grade

Classes and schedules for students entering 4th or 5th grade in Fall 2019 are as follows:
8:15 - 9:00 am 9:05 - 9:50 am 10:15 - 11:00 am 11:05 - 11:50
Reading - Ms. Valencia Writing - Valencia Math - Mrs. Lopez Enrichment Choice*
Class Descriptions

Book Club with Ms. Valencia

Books come alive through roundtable discussions as students explore characters, plot, theme, conflict, and resolution. Both avid and reluctant readers will find new literary inspiration through the sharing of ideas in this creative class.  Supplies needed: one spiral notebook, pencil with eraser and $5 for the copy of the novel

The “Write Stuff” with Ms. Valencia

In this writer’s group, young authors will develop imaginative compositions and find their unique voices. We will explore the genres of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, as well as create accompanying illustrations and comic strips.  Supplies needed: one spiral notebook and a pencil with eraser
Math with Ms. Lopez
In this class, students will practice math concepts in exciting and engaging ways. Through play, cooperative learning opportunities and practice, students will reinforce previously learned math skills and learn new math skills. These skills include number operations, algebraic thinking, measurement and data, and geometry. Supplies needed: one spiral notebook, pencil with eraser, colored pencils, scissors and a glue stick
Enrichment Class Choices (CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING)
Art with Ms. Peinado
In this class, the students will study the elements and principles of Art as well as using different techniques and different mediums.  Students will discuss the different schools of Art, such as realism, abstract, impressionism and cubism.  Students will tap into their creative side and participate in drawing, painting, sculpting and designing.  Materials fee $15.
Drama with Mrs. B (for students entering Grades 1-5 in the fall)
Getting up in front of people and acting is not always easy, especially for children who are shy or uncertain of themselves. But doing it once can help them get past their stage fright. The more they act, the more confidence they will gain in themselves. They will see that acting is something they can conquer. The class will incorporate creative thinking and acting skills to help boost public speaking abilities as well as the fostering of new relationships. Students will work need to work together in order for our productions a success.
STEM & Coding with Mrs. Lopez  (for students entering Grades 4-8 in the fall & current 8th Graders)
In this class, students will create animations and games while gaining coding skills. Students will engage in hands-on learning and problem-solving throughout the course. This introductory course will build a foundation for students that will promote understanding in our technology-driven lives! Supplies needed: students MUST have an email address (NOT the school email address), one spiral notebook, pencil/pen
Knitting & Fiber Arts with Ms. Garcia (for students entering Grades 4-8 in the fall & current 8th Graders)
One of the oldest traditions in the world, the fiber arts are some of the most useful and beautiful mediums we use daily. Students will learn how to knit, sew for practicality, and embroider. Students will be introduced to each medium and then will pick a medium of choice to create at least one project of their own during class. All projects are their own to keep. Material fee $10