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Summer School » Kindergarten - 1st

Kindergarten - 1st

Classes and schedules for students entering Kindergarten or 1st grade in Fall 2018 are as follows:
8:15 - 9:00 am 9:05 - 9:50 am 10:15 - 11:00 am 11:05 - 11:50
Reading - Mrs. B Math - Ms. Huerta Writing - Mrs. B Enrichment Choice*
Class Descriptions
Reading & Writing with Mrs. B
This class is designed for students entering Kindergarten through 1st grade.  It is designed to nurture reading and writing readiness.  During the course, students will review essential concepts in reading and continue to improve their reading level through a variety of activities and experiences with the written text.  Students will be given opportunities to express themselves through different writing exercises and will explore different types of writing.

Math with Ms. Huerta


Let's exercise our brains and become master "MATHLETES."  This class is designed to "work out" student's math skills and prepare for the upcoming school year.  Students will review their math skills from the previous school year by continuing to work on manipulatives, problem-solving and applying math skills to solve real world situations.



Enrichment Class Choices*



Cooking with Mrs. B


Mrs. B's cooking class is not only fun, but teaches important skills for your child.  The act of following a recipe can encourage self-direction and independence, while also teaching children to follow directions and use thinking skills to problem solve.  Chopping, squeezing, spreading and mixing are all cooking skills that help develop a child's small muscle control and eye-hand coordination.  Cooking inspires children's curiosity while offering new opportunities to make predictions and observations.  Additionally, cooking offers authentic opportunities for students to understand and apply their knowledge of measuring, one-to-one correspondence, numbers and counting.  As they follow a recipe, children organize ingredients, follow a sequence, and carry out multiple directions.  Every day the students will learn new cooking techniques and how to follow simple recipes.   Materials fee $40



Art with Ms. Huerta


This exciting mixed media art class will allow students to use various materials and techniques to explore their creativity while learning about the processes that go into each activity.  Students will use their imaginations, experiences, talents, skills and the fundamentals of art to create their own organic and original pieces.  From painting to ceramics to creating paper lanterns, students will create and personalize individual pieces to take home and share with loved ones.  Material fee $15.