San Gabriel Mission Elementary School


News and Announcements

Mission Elementary Welcomes New Principal - Eva Garcia

Mission Elementary is proud to welcome Mrs. Eva Garcia as Principal for the 2017-2018 school year. Mrs. Garcia joins the Mission family after teaching at St. Elizabeth in Altadena where she also served as Vice Principal, STEP and Title coordinator. Mrs. Garcia brings over twenty years of teaching experience to San Gabriel Mission Elementary School and we invite our school and parish community to lovingly welcome her into our “Mission family.”
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Students Raise Money for Ronald McDonald House and Teachers Get "Ketchuped"

Mission Spartans are proud of the work they do in the community and we're proud of our students for raising money for the Ronald McDonald House. The classes that raised the most money were 3rd, 4th and 5th. The students were able to enjoy free dress, eat French fries 🍟 and ketchup their teacher! We are grateful to our students and families for their generosity and thank you to our teachers for being such great sports!
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Science meets History!

Meet King Cluckmose III & Cluckopatra. Our 6th graders are currently learning about Ancient Egypt and mummies in their Social Studies class. Together with Ms. Nunez, what better way to set up a cross-curricular activity than by having students mummify chickens in Science class! Our students have begun a 5 week mummifying process of two chickens, King Cluckmose III & Cluckopatra. Check back with us as we give updates during the mummification process and end our project by sending our chicken mummies into their "afterlife."
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Mission Student Participates in San Gabriel's All-City Pentathlon

On March 18th, Mission student Sofia Ruiz participated in San Gabriel’s annual All-City Pentathlon. The event, which is open to residents from grades 2-8, is held to promote health and fitness through developing general athletic skills and abilities. Each athlete participated in five events throughout the day: 50/100 meter dash, 200 meter run, standing long jump, softball throw, and running long jump. Of the five events, Sofia placed 1st in one event, 2nd in two events, and 3rd in one event. Way to go Sofia! We congratulate her on her participation and performance!
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