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By the time our students graduate from San Gabriel Mission Elementary School, they will be:

An Active Catholic Who:
  • develops a personal relationship with God;
  • Knows the basic tenets of the Catholic faith;
  • develops strength of character through the practice of moral values in all aspects of life.
A Resilient Individual Who:
  • values, develops, and practices a balanced lifestyle that enables them to be productive and confident individuals;
  • deals with success and failure as part of daily growing experiences;
  • can deal with real life situations such as being successful in their secondary education;
  • maintains principles of personal well-being;
  • fosters positive relationships with others.
A Responsible, Life-Long Learner Who:
  • is motivated to study and work independently and cooperatively;
  • is able to think critically;
  • appreciates the arts.
An Educated Person Who Knows the Basic Skills of:
  • MATH - learns number facts and processes of calculation;
  • LANGUAGE ARTS - reads, writes, and speaks the American Academic English language;
  • SOCIAL STUDIES - studies the past to be able to live in the present and plan for the future
  • SCIENCE - acquires knowledge of facts and utilize problem solving processes through the use of the scientific method and develops a caring attitude towards all of creation;
  • COMPUTER SCIENCE - reads and understands documentation to facilitate the latest hardware and software use and incorporate it throughout the curriculum;
  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION - participates in team building and sportsmanlike activities that promote a healthy lifestyle;
    • MUSIC - appreciates basic musical theory and the use of talents to foster music appreciation;
    • ART - explores various art genres and influential artists.